Hi, I am Mark, a Computer Science and Maths student at New York University Abu Dhabi and the President of HackAD, our largest student tech community. I also had a great privilege of being a part of the pioneer class of THINK Global School, the world's first traveling high school, where I studied in 12 countries in 12 trimesters.

I am a quick learner who absorbs new ideas and loves tackling stretch projects. Most recently I worked at Russian Internet company Yandex on their Chromium-based web browser and on Green Navigation, an open source system to compute energy-optimal routes for electric vehicles, during Google Summer of Code. Technology fascinates me, and I am always on the lookout for ways for it to bring value to the society and to help others.


You can find most of my code on github or send me an email asking for my CV. Over the past few years I have contributed to the following projects and organizations:


  • Implemented features such as navigation and multi-page printing for mobi and fb2 formats for the ebook reader in Yandex Browser.
  • Fixed UI bugs related to video playback & image display on inconsistent Internet connections in a content recommender system.
  • Developed an array of custom web components using Polymer for the browser’s password manager and settings page.
  • Wrote unit and integration tests using Mocha, Chai, SinonJS, and the Chrome Extension API.


  • Worked on Green Navigation, an open source system to compute energy-optimal routes for electric vehicles.
  • Implemented the ability to switch between Google and Leaflet maps and various map layers seamlessly.
  • Integrated live traffic, weather and precipitation data using Google Maps API and OpenWeatherMap API.
  • Redesigned the front end adhering to Material Design guidelines and implemented the interface using Polymer.
  • Migrated the wiki to a custom Jekyll-powered static site, created a style guide and maintained documentation.


In my spare time I enjoy training for triathlons and running competitions, playing the guitar and exploring the world with my camera. Check some of my photos out on Instagram.

I have recently started a blog on Medium, which I hope to update more frequently.